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Nourishes and hydrates in a relaxing way the skin of the whole body, especially the areas of high dryness. Natural oil with moisturizing and nourishing properties, unique for its assembly of exceptional ingredients that help to eliminate the muscular tensions when massaging on the body with circular..
Cosmetic product with regenerative and moisturizing properties. Cream 98% natural, helps to adequately maint(11)ain the epithelial functions of growth and renewal, favoring the assimilation of nutrients and trace elements, which guarantees the good cellular functioning in addition that avoids the fo..
For all skin types. Excellent mask that complements the Vindaly line for proper facial care. It is perfect to detoxify and oxygenate the skin providing health, softness and luminosity with high antioxidant power and exfoliant that help the cellular regeneration; Acts against accumulated impurities a..
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